Blogging Tips for Beginners – An Exclusive Interview with Sherman Smith

Today I welcome our guest Mr. Sherman Smith for a chat. Sherman happens to be a Blogger and Internet marketer. In this interview he was able to give an insight of his experiences in the online world – how he dealt with failure and overcame the challenges he encountered. He revealed some strategies which he applied to ensure the growth of his online business, and then he gave some blogging tips for beginners who are still starting out on blogging.
Less i forget; he is a good salsa dancer, so after reading this interview you may have to hook him up for some serious lessons on salsa dance[lol].

The details of this chat is a bit lengthy so as usual, get a glass of wine or juice if available, and enjoy this conversation with Mr. Sherman

Blogging Tips for Beginners – An Exclusive Interview with Sherman Smith

Chinedu: Hello Mr Sherman, we are pleased to have you here with us. Welcome to my blog.

Sherman: It’s a pleasure to be here and thank you Joseph for giving me this opportunity.

Chinedu: Please tell us more about yourself.

Sherman: I reside in sunny Southern California which is where I was born and raised. I have a degree in Computer Information Systems and work for a school district as one of the computer technicians.

Chinedu: What was your reason for going into blogging, and for how long have you been in the blogosphere?

Sherman: When I was in Network Marketing back in 2010, my sponsor recommended that I go into blogging even though I didn’t believe anyone would read any of my posts LOL.. but I got the courage to start it and the rest is history.

 Chinedu: How many blogs do you have?

Sherman: I only have one blog

Chinedu: What are/is the main idea(s) of your blog(s) and what kind of service(s) do you render?

Sherman: My blog is geared towards anyone, specifically those with home businesses that want to start doing online marketing with a focus on Blogging for personal branding. I promote an online marketing system as well as other tools and plugins that marketers can use to enhance their home businesses.

Chinedu: How much time do you dedicate to your blog in a day, week or month? What measures do you take to ensure that you keep track of this?

Sherman: It’s on a weekly basis and I dedicate between 30 minutes to an hour a day. Or at least I make the effort to. I really don’t have a specific system to keep track of this. What I usually do is come up with a title for the following week’s blog post and use that as the indicator to start my next post.

Chinedu: How much time do you think is sufficient for a newbie to dedicate to a blog in order to achieve success?

Sherman: That really depends on the person and the time that they have. But if you have the fundamentals in place as far as plugins, themes, opt-in boxes, etc.. it shouldn’t take a long time. I say at least 30 minutes a day

Chinedu: At what frequency do you think a new blogger is supposed to publish posts in order to keep up in the blogosphere?

Sherman: As far as frequency, you want to be smart about it. From my experience, I’ve had more success with posting once a week as oppose to posting every day. You really want to focus on engagement and interaction with other bloggers by commenting, sharing their posts and also replying to comments on your blog. On top of that you want to engage with other bloggers on social media. It creates a strong synergy resulting in more of a family unit.

Chinedu: Your blog attracts a good number of comments and i guess your traffic range would be high as well. Would you mind discussing your monthly traffic stats?

Sherman: I really don’t want to discuss the traffic stats, but I do want to emphasize that as far as traffic is concern, you want to focus on generating more detailed targeted traffic. If you’re in network marketing, you don’t want to just focus on network marketing traffic. You want to focus on those people who have a strong interest in the products/services in your industry who are open to doing network marketing. This is why it’s important to pay attention to your traffic stats. I for once use Google Analytics to figure out who my market is and how to improve the targeted traffic coming to my blog.

Chinedu: Keeping blogging aside; do you have any other job(s) or parenting responsibility? If yes; how do you manage this together with your blogging career?

Sherman: I have no kids but I do work full time (8 hrs/day, 5 days/week) as a computer technician. I also give private lessons in salsa dancing on the side whenever there is a chance.

As far as managing, I tend to squeeze enough time each morning, afternoon, and night to work on my blog. I also use automated tools that helps promote my blog posts

Chinedu: Wow! You dance salsa? I will surely come for lessons in no distant time [lol].

What do you engage yourself with during your leisure hours?

Sherman: During my leisure hours I’m always on YouTube learning something or watching a movie LOL… I love YouTube. Besides that I’m usually out salsa dancing or at the gym.

Chinedu: What really interests you most about blogging, and what frustrates you most as well?

Sherman: It was really about what I learn from other blogs with a focus on home businesses and how to grow it online. When I was in college I didn’t understand why students would major in Marketing. To me it seemed like a real easy major, up until I started blogging and doing online marketing. This really burst my bubble! I came to realization of how important personal branding, social proof, difference in good and bad content, etc.

The one thing I really like is sharing something I just learned or sharing my past experiences with others. I get really stoked when people find my content valuable for them to apply. This is when I realized that being able to help others in this manner is really my life’s purpose.

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Chinedu: What do you think is currently the most effective method of driving traffic to a blog?

Sherman: There is no one way of doing this, but from my experience, the best way is through paid advertising if you want to get fast results. Besides that, using the free strategies of commenting and engaging those who are within your niche.

Chinedu: What are you secrets for attaining this level of success in your blogging career?

Sherman: It’s really keeping it simple and being consistent with it. But one thing you want to keep checking for are your statistics. You want to use tools like Google Analytics to see how you’re doing so far and figure out ways to improve.

The simplest thing you want to do is comment and engage on other blogs as well as your own. You want to figure out who has “authority rank” in the blogosphere within your niche.

Chinedu: As a blogger, have you ever experience failure or felt inferior? If yes; how did you tackle all of these?

Sherman: Oh yes, failure at times can be a constant thing, and also I felt inferior. But if blogging is something that you really have a passion for, then you’ll figure out eventually how to turn those failures into successes and the inferiority complex will dissipate.

Chinedu: Would you mind giving us an insight of your other experiences while climbing the success ladder?

Sherman: I started around 2010, so right around that time all you need to concentrate on was SEO even if the content wasn’t that valuable. But then around 2011, that’s when you noticed the Google Updates started making a big voice. So all of the old tactics and tools I used before didn’t work. Blogger took a different routine, and it was, and still is one long educational process.

I do have admit that I took some time off from blogging. I started focusing more on paid methods like Paid Per Click and Solo Ads. I did get a lot of leads from them, but very low sales. By the end of 2013, that’s when I realized that you must brand yourself and focus on building rapport and relationships with others. That’s the benefit of blogging. Other’s can see what you’re all about before they make a decision to connect with you, or even do business with you.

Chinedu: If you could turn back the hands of time to your life as a newbie, what corrections would you have made?

Sherman: First and foremost, I would use my blog to build my email list as well as engage with others like I’m doing now.

I would have focus a little less on SEO and more on delivering more valuable content as well as promote my blog a lot more than I did.

I would also would’ve focus more on marketing metrics using tools like Google Analytics.

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Chinedu: How do you monetize your blog? And what is your most effective means of making money online?

Sherman: I have done Reviews on different tools and themes, as well as an option box for the online marketing system I promote mainly for those that are in network marketing and want to promote their business online.

Chinedu: Among the existing Social Media platforms, which do you spend more time on and what is your reason for spending more time on it?

Sherman: I spend more time on Facebook and Twitter.

The reason for Facebook is because its the site I’ve grown my accustomed to, and for twitter, I use it specifically on my phone to maintain my interaction with other bloggers.

Chinedu: Ever since you ventured into blogging, what do you consider your biggest challenge?

I had challenges. Writing and Engaging LOL… Not the best challenges when it comes to blogging, right?

I was always a horrible writer, but in due time with blogger I keep improving by taking the advice from other bloggers. I don’t know where I would be without them.

As far as engaging and interaction, socializing with others is a weakness of mine. I consider myself more of an introvert. Shy sometimes, but more introvert. I really like to do my own thing, but other people have mentioned that I need to come out of my shell a bit more, so that’s what I’ve been working on for the past year.

Chinedu: As a blogger with much experience, what principle(s) do you suggest for every blogger to hold on to?

Sherman: Be the best YOU as a blogger. Don’t be afraid to express your own opinions and your own beliefs. This is what makes you unique, and you’ll find that the right people will be attracted to who you are!

Chinedu: Mention some bloggers whom you admire and look up to, and tell us how each had contributed to your blogging career?

Sherman: There’s quite a few to name… Ryan Biddulph, Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh, Enstine Muki, Sylvian Nuccio… I actually wrote a blog post where I gave homage to each one… here’s the post

Chinedu: No doubt, every new blogger needs a mentor to guide him/her. What is your say on this? Do you think it is advisable for a blogger to hold unto just one, or many mentors? Please give reasons for your answer.

Sherman: Anyone that has reached a level of success you want to get to and you admire, is going to end up being your mentor, whether directly or indirectly. A lot of home business entrepreneurs follow the teachings of Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie still even though they have already transitioned.

So if you can find someone that will mentor you directly, then great! But I believe bloggers should also keep an open mind to what’s out there. Whatever your mentor may not know, someone else may have the information and experience that come with it.

Chinedu: When did you earn your first income from blogging?

Sherman: In 2011

Chinedu: Would you mind telling us your monthly earning from blogging?

Sherman: I never share what I make. Sorry

Chinedu: What is your say on email marketing? What strategies have you used for increasing your number of subscribers?

Sherman: I have used both PPC and Solo Ads. Email marketing is a great way to build trust with those that subscribe. There are quite a few people who only use email marketing to brand themselves instead of a blog. So this is a great option as well.

Chinedu: Mention your top blogging tools for improving your site performance.

Sherman: I use
Revive Old Post
Facebook Boost Option

Chinedu: I guess you are an American, what can you say about the American bloggers of today? What kind of bloggers do you think America will be able to produce in the future?

Sherman: I would say that American bloggers are a little bit more open and free with their writing if you know what I mean. From my standpoint they’re more liberal in saying what they feel more so, but outside of that, I believe bloggers from other countries are more technical than American bloggers. This is what I also see in the future

Chinedu: Discuss your source of inspiration all through your days of blogging.

Sherman: My source of inspiration is just looking back at how far I came in the blogosphere and sticking to this passion.

Chinedu: Would you advise a child of yours to venture into blogging?

Sherman: Yes, especially if a child of mine is introverted like me 🙂

Chinedu: Being an experienced blogger and online personality for years, what changes do you think should be made to this blog to improve our site performance?

Sherman: The site is very clean, and there’s not too much I can change. I would add more images pertaining to each point made on each post, have between 1000 to 1500 words on each one, and make each point stand out more as far as headings.

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Chinedu: Thanks for the advice. Would you mind giving a motivation statement for the newbies and others who might be reading this conversation?

Sherman: I remember reading this quote some years back and it stuck with me. Especially when I get into arguments, which I rarely do, trying to prove my point
“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to find it within himself.” ~ Galileo

This question reminds me of the “selling the sizzle, and not the steak” approach when it comes to sales. You can always conjure something up within the soul of people for them, and only them to realize it themselves so they can take credit for it.

Chinedu: Nice piece there. It was really wonderful having you here for this chat, thanks for coming, have a pleasant day ahead!

I hope you enjoyed, and tapped something from this interview with Mr. Sherman Smith.
Let’s have the rest of the conversation via the comment section. Should you have any contribution or question as regards this chat; or something else to say to Mr. Sherman, kindly use the comment box below
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  • Hi Sherman, and welcome to Joseph's blog 🙂

    That surely was a wonderfully conducted interview Joseph about someone I've known for a long time now, so always good to read and know more about friend's, isn't it?

    Yes, the best part about the interview is how you manage to work full time, blog, and ALSO practice salsa!! How do you ever find time for all of this I wonder!? While we all have a tough time with our single blogs, so that speaks a lot about the fine art of time management you are good at.

    My goodness! You talk about spending 30 minutes for blogging….I take that much of time just in leaving comments on 2-3 posts I visit…lol….for me it's a 24×7 full-time job presently, and you know with the growing blog community and forum, it's gets tougher to reduce one's time online. I guess a lot depends on how much of it is really your work, like if your blog is your sole mean of earning, you'd surely spend full time into it, but if you are working part-time into blogging, you'd spend less time.

    You are absolutely right about building relationships, something we all need to lay more stress on as that's the ONLY thing that works, and something we all always fall back on, especially when the animal updates happen!

    Thanks for sharing more of Sherman with us Joseph. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂

  • Hi Joseph and Sherman

    I look to listen to probloggers talk about their experience in blogging. Joseph thank you for interviwing sherman as I have learnt a lot from this interview and I love your style of interview. Keep it up Joseph

    Sherman. Thank you for sharing your experience. You are right about being unique and not copying someone else. Also your focus on your audience rather than traffic, makes me impressed. Glad to meet you.

  • Hi Joseph,

    It's awesome being here at your blog once more. It's a wonderful interview with Sherman Smith.

    Wow! I never know Sherman was a bunch of talents, he dances salsa, he's a computer technician and also a blogger, not just a blogger, he's one blogger you can recommend a figure.

    I've learnt alot here, from the interview I can see he's a part time blogger, since he has attained such success in blogging, I think he should Join Ma'am Herleena and the rest in making blogging a full time job. (lol)..

    In the era of blogging every pro have alwaysed talked of connecting with other blogger's and here Sherma says same thing.
    I think is high time I take huge advantage of this, and aswell connect with lot of bloggers.

    Thanks for a wonderful interview here.

  • Hi Joseph,

    For sure this is an amazing interview conducted by you.;)
    There is no doubt that Sherman has achieved a lot from hie blogging career. As he said that its very important to get engaged with your readers. you need to connect with them so that they can have better connections with you and your blog.
    People like to be appreciated and you should do that when someone shares your content. Its the matter ofd choice as how you maintain your blog by writing blog post once a week or writing daily.
    But promoting your blog post is more important.

    Glad to read this interview.

    Have a great week ahead.:)


  • Great interview Joseph. It is always good to learn more about others, especially someone in the area of expertise such as Sherman and to gather that much insight and information on what they are doing.

    It is a learning experience for sure in which one must be committed and hard working to attain that level of success. .

    Thanks for sharing.

  • You asked some great questions Joseph. I like when Sherman said be the best YOU can be. I know it's easy to lose your identity in trying to fit in. But once you be yourself people then can conect with you. I also appreciate him saying keep it simple. I believe keeping it simple goes hand in hand with being yourself. There is so much more I got out of this interview. Thanks!

  • Hi Madam Harleena,

    Its good to read more about friends; especially a friend like Mr Sherman who just a wonderful blogging experience.

    I was also surprise on how he could work full time, teach salsa lessons and manage his blog at thesame time. Just as you have mentioned, the 30 minutes which Mr. Sherman spends on his blog is just enough for you to leave comments on 2 to 3 blog posts. I agree with you because I can attest to your system of commenting. Your comments are lengthy and compelling, its sure going to take a lot of time for someone to achieve such a comment.

    I love his time management skill, I wonder how he does that, but whatever the case may be, he is going to reveal that secret to me.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on this interview

  • Hello Sir Ikechi,

    Thanks for the compliment.
    I also love to read about the experiences of pro-bloggers also. Knowing about their experiences serves as a source of inspiration to me. I’m happy you learnt a thing from the chat, I learnt a great deal as well.

    Thanks for taking your time to leave a comment here.

  • Hey Larry,

    Just like you, i was marveled about the talents of Mr. Sherman – how he is able to work full time as a computer technician, teach salsa dance and manage his blog at thesame time still remains a mystery to me. I must confess that he is an icon when it comes to managing time.

    Yes, in this era of blogging it is advisable to build good and lasting relationships with fellow bloggers. Blogging in isolation is something every blogger; especially newbbies should avoid.

    It’s a good thing you learnt from this interview, the positive effects of relationship building.
    Thanks for your comment. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  • Hello Sir Ravi,

    Mr. Sherman has actually achieved alot from his blogging career; i agree with you on that.

    Indeed, it is important to be an engagement blogger. Engaging with your readers is a system which every blogger should adopt. This will enable your readers relate with you better. Just as you have said, people love to be appreciated, yes! Including me, I happy being appreciated, and I believe it’s thesame with others, right?

    Talking about post publishing frequency, i believe in quality rather that quantity. A well constructed and informative post published once in a week is far better than 7 poor quality articles published every day of the week.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas on this one, i really appreciate.

  • Hey Harleena,

    The time management is a big challenge, but I commend those who are doing all of these things with a family to take care of. I can not imagine being able to do this myself.

    yes I'll spend about 30 minutes a day on averaging on commenting. There are times where I can squeeze in an hour and even 2 hours in, but you have to make due! I love the comments that you make Harleena. They are definitely genuine and you can tell that you put in a lot of thought behind it.

    But yes building relationships helps to lay down the foundation of your business. I find it best for me through blogging. It was easier to connect with like minded people with similar goals. The blogosphere is definitely a very supportive community!

    Thanks for stopping by Harleena! Have a great weekend!

  • Hey Ikechi,

    I thank Joseph for interviewing me and I'm glad that you found the value within it. You definitely want to be unique. You will attract the right people to you and that's really what counts. It's great to get traffic, but your audience is who you want to really focus on and positively affect. You definitely want them to keep coming back! Thanks for your comment and I hope you have a great weekend!

  • Hey Larry,

    It's nice to meet you and I'm glad that you like the interview. I appreciate Joseph for interviewing me!

    It's a challenge to juggle all that I do, but the most important thing is to find those hobbies you enjoy as well as living your life. With that, you definitely want to include this in your business journey.

    I do hope that one day I can join the blogging crew with excellent, successful bloggers like Harleena, but yes you can definitely achieve the level of success you want by doing this part time.

    Also it's wise to connect with other bloggers that are like you. Not only to build relationships but also leverage the efforts of each other so that all of you can fulfill your goals. A great place to start is going to, sign up for free, and you'll find some genuine bloggers like Joseph and Harleena!

    Thanks for stopping by Larry! Have a good one!

  • Hey Ravi,

    How's everything? Connecting with others makes your journey more cohesive as you're getting more of the results you want. It's the string that holds everything together!

    With connection comes reciprocation. You'll find when you're consistent with this, then it is to your own benefit as you're building your web of connections. And also engaging your readers is a must. You must know a little something about your readers so that you can keep producing the content that they want. With that said, the more you do this, the higher your return ratio!

    Thanks for stopping by Ravi! You have a great weekend!

  • Hey Yvonne,

    It's great to meet you. I'm glad that you like the interview and I certainly appreciate Joseph for the interview. We can definitely learn a lot from each other. What one person may not know, then other person may know.

    Yes blogging does take a lot of hard work, but the more you do it, the less harder it becomes because by then you'll start to work smarter resulting in getting more things done!

    Thanks for the comment and I hope you're having a great week!

  • Hey Vernon,

    Nice to meet you!

    Yes keeping it simple goes hand in hand with being yourself. I try to reinvent the wheel, right? You want to be as transparent as you can so that you can attract the right people to you. That's what matters the most!

    Thanks for the comment Vernon. I hope you're having a great week!

  • Hmmm! "yes, especially if a child of mine is introverted like me :)" that was hilarious!

    Yes, I will describe Sherman as an industrious blogger. He takes his time to create posts that offer value always. I was attracted to the way he writes when he started using

    Its cool reading a bit of his "blogging" history. A lot of takeaways for me. One that readily sticks well is his opinion:
    "So if you can find someone that will mentor you directly, then great! But I believe bloggers should also keep an open mind to what's out there. Whatever your mentor may not know, someone else may have the information and experience that come with it."

    Shared in where this interview was "kingged"

  • Hello Sir Sunday,
    It's nice to see you o my blog once more, Like you just said, "I will describe Sherman as an industrious blogger. He takes his time to create posts that offer value always." Sherman is one of those people I look up to in the blogosphere, and I guess every other person in one way or the other have also noticed his wonderful qualities.

    Thanks for dropping a comment here.
    Do have a wonderful day ahead.

  • Hi,
    It's an informative interview to know about Sherman, i thought he is full time blogger, i am surprised to know he is working, his experiences about SEO after 2011 and it's consequences are learning lessons for us, i learnt one thing how to spare timings for our work and passion, thanks for providing his thoughts.

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