SEO Best Practices – Interview with Atish Ranjan

It’s been a while I posted on this blog. This is as a result of my busy schedule, I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details anyway. However, I’m happy to be here again and guess what? Our interview series has just began. I was opportune to drag down here; an SEO expert who has been in the field for a couple of years now, and today we will be having an informative conversation on the term SEO. Just as you know, Search Engine Optimisation is nothing new to any webmaster but I must let you know that there are little hidden facts and techniques about this term which some of us do not know, especially newbies. These includes the SEO best practices so as to stay clear off Google’s penalty, and other tips and tricks.
Sit back and as usual; get yourself a glass of juice if available, and enjoy this conversion with Atish Ranjan of Tech Tricks World.

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Interview with Atish Ranjan – SEO Best Practices

Chinedu: Hi Mr. Atish, I am delighted to have you here for this chat. Welcome to my blog.

Atish: Thanks for having me here, Chinedu.

Chinedu: Please introduce yourself to our readers

Atish: I am Atish Ranjan from a small town, Sitamarhi in India. Currently staying in the capital city, Delhi where I am working with an IT firm along with blogging. I have started blogging in the year 2010 with

Chinedu: From what you’ve just said, I assume you’ve been in the blogosphere for about four years now. So what drove you into setting up a blog?

Atish: Yeah, I have been blogging around 4 years now. When I started blogging, I did not even know that the awesome thing I was doing is called Blogging. I love Internet and also love to share what I know thus I started a blogspot blog to share small PC tips and tricks.

I have more than 10 blogs. The main reason I blog is to learn new stuff everyday along with making money. Also, it helps me to meet new and like minded people whom I like very much.

Chinedu: You are a blogger and a SEO professional, and I believe that SEO is something every body who blogs or wishes to venture into blogging should know. Would you mind giving a brief explanation on the term SEO?

Atish: Yes, you are correct! I am a SEO professional as well.

SEO is set of strategies that are applied to improve the visibility of websites in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. SEO include Onsite and offsite techniques that should be applied.

On Site SEO – SEO Strategies that are done on the website are called On site SEO such as meta tag optimization, content optimization, image optimization, URL optimization etc.

Off Site SEO – SEO Strategies that are done outside the website such as Link building, social promotion etc.

Chinedu: When I started blogging, I heard about the terms ‘white hat’ and ‘black hat’ SEO. I found it difficult to understand those terms and I think this is the same with most newbies. Would you mind giving the difference(s) between the two terms?

Atish: In the language of SEO, White hat includes those strategies which complies with the Search engines’ quality guidelines, and black hat includes strategies which are against those quality guidelines such as keyword stuffing, heavy spam link building, plagiarism etc.

Chinedu: Would you advise a blogger to adopt the black hat SEO system?

Atish: No, I won’t suggest it because it might give you fast result but those results cannot be sustained for a long time, and infact your website will be more prone to be penalized.

Chinedu: Many believe that SEO is currently not important for a blog unlike the case few years ago. All attention is now being focused on the Social Media. Do you also agree that Social Media now yields positive results on traffic more than Search Engines?

Atish: I agree that Social media is a vital source of traffic and you should work more to get even more social traffic but in my opinion organic traffic is the king and it is one which makes you earn more money and also makes your blog more valuable.

SEO has its own importance and it will be there as long as the search engines will exist.

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Chinedu: You made mention of On-site SEO while giving your explanation on SEO, now how can a beginner optimize on-site SEO to improve site ranking?

Atish: It consists of many things which should be done without fail. They include:

1. Keyword research.
2. Writing title and Meta description tags
3. Writing SEO optimized content as well as unique.
4. URLs should be SEO friendly.
5. Your content should have better internal linking as well as some outbound links of good resources.

These are the basic things of On page SEO which should be done in order to optimize your website.

Chinedu: What measures do you take to ensure that your on-page SEO affect your site positively?

Atish: As I described above every step has their impact on website’s SEO but the mostly Title tag and the content on the page impact the most in my opinion.

Chinedu: Give an explanation on the term ‘meta tag’ and tell us how one can use this to improve the performance of a site.

Atish: There are many tags which can be added to the web pages but mostly the Title tag and Meta description are added for better SEO.

Meta Tags don’t show on the web page rather they hold the information about the page which are read by search engine crawlers.

While writing Title and Meta descriptions always include the main targeted keyword in them. Usually put it at the first in Title.

Chinedu: Please give a highlight on the term link building.

Atish: Just like you build relationships with other people and get linked to them to make your presence better in society, link building is also a getting linked from good websites to improve its presence in search engines.
As many quality backlinks you get from authority websites, you notice improvement in search rankings.

Chinedu: What qualities do you think a site should possess so as to earn links from other nice websites?

Atish: To earn links your website should hold great content and true facts just like wikepedia, etc. Thus, try to create great content so that when other would write on similar topic,, they might link to your content.

Chinedu: What is the difference between high quality and low quality backlinks, and what are their effects on a site?

Atish: High quality links are those which you get from websites in the same industry such as if you website is related to jewelry then the links from some other jewelry site can be good and the best if the link placement is done in a natural way. If I say natural then it means link should be placed as reference article or resource. The reverse is for low quality links, they usually don’t come from websites in thesame industry with you.

Chinedu: I recently came across the term Link Bait but really do not know much about it. Would you mind telling us what this is all about?

Atish: Link Bait is anything on your website whether an informative article, Video or ebook which people would like to link to.

So this is a kind of link earning method. If you create great resources on your own websites then you can earn a lot of backlinks all across the web.

Chinedu: A lot of bloggers believe it is bad to be a jack of all trade, i.e writing your posts, designing your blog, optimizing your site for Search Engines all by yourself. They believe bloggers are meant to pay experts to do this on their behalf. Do you also agree with this? Do you suggest that bloggers should pay experts for this service rather than trying to learn and do this on their own?

Atish: Learning a lot of things is good but when you run a business then it is not an easy task or in fact almost impossible to manage everything alone. You need a team to do particular tasks.

Chinedu: What is your advice to the site owners who are reading this conversation?

Atish: If the readers and the site owner are bloggers, I would advise them to work harder and smarter without thinking of quick money. Once you are on track money start flowing into your pocket.

Chinedu: Thanks for honouring my invitation; It was nice having you here. Do have a wonderful day ahead.

Atish: The pleasure is mine. Thanks Chinedu! I enjoyed the conversation

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Now that is it with Atish Ranjan. I believe you grabbed a thing from this chat. Got more SEO related questions for Atish? Fine! I will be leaving links to his social media profiles and blog as well. You can hook him up and have a chat with him. You can as well drop your comments using the comment box below:

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  • Hi Ngwu and Atish,

    This is the first time I am visiting this site and happy to see Atish Ranjan getting interviewed here. we always get one important information or another from interviews as each blogger has his own way of approach and ideas. We may get exposed to more experts in the field through this type of interviews.

    so thanks once again for this interview post with Atish. Have a great day.

    Reji Stephenson

  • I've been with you for more than 2 years and learning a lot of stuff from you Atish, Still not getting bored to read your relevant replies. Perfect answers, I really like the sentence "Organic traffic is the King" and yes it is.

    Way to go! Keep going, I'll be with you to grab the vital blogging stuff.

  • Hey Reji,

    Welcome to Glitzy Hub, happy to see you here as well. I agree with you on that, chats with fellow improves our knowledge as fresh ideas are being tapped from such conversation.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  • Hi Chinedu/Atish,
    SEO success for any blog means success for the business. It becomes necessary to explore all necessary strategy for the right success. Its cool to access the basics so that online marketers will understand what should be done and seem to be done.

    The tips on SEO shared are helpful. Many newbies are going to find the interview helpful. The questions are direct and the responses are on track! Thanks for sharing!

    I have left the above comment in where this post was found.

  • Hey Chinedu and Atish,

    First off, welcome back to the blogging world Chinedu. It's been a long time and I see that you started off with a great interview with Atish.

    Atish, I definitely agreed with everything you said and it's great that you provide good, comprehensible information on SEO and the details about for newbies who have no idea, and for those that have been blogging for a while but are still confused about the terms.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you both have a great weekend!

    I found your post on under the category of SEO/SEM

  • Hi Atish,

    This was an excellent interview on Glitzy Hub. The questions flowed nicely into each other and the answers where really good.

    You’ve delivered some excellent information succinctly Atish. Your answers kept me scrolling downwards for more.

    It’s the very first time I’ve visited this site and I enjoyed the experience. The site has nice clean lines and a well formatted and presented commenting section.

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